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Whitehaven is a small port on the west coast of Lake Soluafein. It is located just south of the bigger city of Valdyr. When traveling from the Midlands to the west coast of Gorgonath, Whitehaven is the first town travelers will come by. As such, Whitehaven is often bustling with traders and foreigners of all sorts.

City Locations

see location map below

  1. Whitehaven Church
  2. Whitehaven Town Hall
  3. Old Blue
  4. Whitehaven Docks
  5. Jail
  6. Sherrif’s Garrison
  7. Bottled Solutions
  8. Hannah’s
  9. Flour Dreams
  10. General Store
  11. Armory
  12. The White Whale
  13. Kesko Jewelry
  14. The Iron Key
  15. Whitehaven Educational Institute


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